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Nice day, I do think currently you are searching for Cutoff Wheels product, therefore you are on the proper website. Now you are reading CutOff Wheel, NorZon Plus, 3″x.035″x1/4″ article. As well as I am hoping you’ll find helpful information throughout here before you decide to obtain Cutoff Wheels product. At this time I wish to select CutOff Wheel, NorZon Plus, 3″x.035″x1/4″. Small data this CutOff Wheel, NorZon Plus, 3″x.035″x1/4″ item is done by Norton Abrasives – St. Gobain company.

The CutOff Wheel, NorZon Plus, 3″x.035″x1/4″ Detailed description:

Norton NorZon Plus Type 01 Right Cut wheels are contaminant free, without iron, sulfur or chlorine, making them suitable for the nuclear industry. Run the grinder at the highest possible speed marked on the wheel. This wheel is suitable for use with a horizontal or straight-shaft grinder.

Reinforced cutoff wheels are designed to resist breakage caused by severe cross-bending and are required on any operation where the work is not securely clamped. Resin bonds are organic bonds that soften under the heat of grinding, releasing dulled abrasive grains. Because of its forgiving nature, only an organic type bond is used in cutoff wheels. The resin-bonded wheel is more resilient than a vitrified wheel. The manufacturing term for a resin bond wheel is “cured,” meaning the wheel has been heated to less than 500 degrees F. Straight (also called flat) wheels are the most common grinding wheel shape. Flat wheels are used for grinding on the periphery, or outside boundary edge, of the wheel and produce a slightly concave surface, called hollow ground, on the workpiece. These wheels can be used for cutting off, tool grinding (between centers or centerless), and removing mold marks and sand from castings, among others. They are frequently used with grinding machines. Using a harder grade wheel increases wheel life but also increases burn and requires more power, and decreases cut rate. Burn is the effect on a workpiece from thermal stress as abrasive cuts or rubs material away. The damage ranges from discoloration to cracking of the workpiece.

Zirconia alumina is a self-sharpening abrasive that allows for a faster cut rate and longer life than aluminum oxide, due to its ability to fracture and refracture, creating new cutting edges. Zirconia alumina is often used for high stock removal on wood and metals.

Abrasives are used for a variety of applications from shaping a part to fine finishing, depending on the grit size. Low grit numbers like 40 are coarse and are used for removing excess material and shaping a part. High grit numbers like 400 are fine and help to create a smooth surface finish.

Norton Abrasives manufactures a wide variety of sanding, grinding, and polishing abrasives, and has been located in the United States since 1885. In 1990, Saint-Gobain purchased Norton, keeping its manufacturing facilities and offices in the same location. Norton/Saint-Gobain has been recognized as a Global 100 Sustainable Company, as well as earning ISO 9000 and 14001 certification for quality and environmental management standards.

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